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Safety Advises

 Welcome to MatrimonyChamber! 
Today we are performing almost all our day-to-day works through online. We do not have to run here and there and sitting at home through internet we are performing our works. In this regard today there are many online matrimonial services being used by many people who are in search of a life partner. Also, many are getting married through these online matrimonial services, except a few fraud instances. Here, our endeavour is to advise our users or members through a few guidelines for a safe matrimonial alliance 
We are trying to provide our online service to you for searching and finding your partner or to discover the best matches in a safe and secure way. But beware of frauds. Still there may be some false, incorrect, misleading, fake, etc. profiles created by some members for some negative intention.
If you come across of any such profile which in your opinion that the information provided are seem to be false, not genuine, not authentic, incorrect, misleading, etc., then be refrain from entering into any contact or establishing any kind of relationship with that member(s) and report us immediately about this fraud case through ‘Contact Us’ (mention your name, telephone number, email Id, Your Address and Issue Description about the fraud case). We will not disclose your name or other details to anybody. It will be strictly kept confidential. Our intention is to provide online services in a secure, safe and legal way to help our members to find best matches for them but since it is not at all possible on our part to verify the authenticity of any profile created by any member, hence, we request our members to utilise their best judgment to assess the correctness or genuineness or authenticity, etc. of that profile. 
There are instances that the frauds will establish relation with you over phone or email and will convince you with their sweet words. When they feel that you are in their trap, then they will cheat you. Please do not be the prey to sweet talks of any person. Use your own conscience and wit as well as your judgement in this regard.​
Never give money to anyone either through online transfer or bank deposit or by cash to any other member. Because those who ask for money they are actually frauds. They never display their own photo in the profile; they use somebody else’s photo. They hide their real identity. Also, they never come in video chat. So, immediately cease your contact or relations with them. They mention all the wrong or false or fake information in their profile. NEVER ENTER INTO ANY FINANCIAL OR MONETARY TRANSACTIONS WITH THEM.
There are many frauds on the rise, so we request our members to be very careful. 
We do not have any representatives anywhere in India or abroad. If you receive any call or any kind of communication that anybody claims as our representative and starts any kind of dealings with you relating to our website or other, including to deposit any membership package amount in any bank account or to send to him/her the amount through DD/Cheque then please refrain from him/her and be cautious and also inform us immediately in our contact no. (7653092772 / 9348544047) or Whatsapp no. 7653092772 and email id given in the “Contact Us” or through Live Chat. 
We at MatrimonyChamber never ask our members for their User Id or Password. So, be careful that if anybody contacts you and claims to be our Representative and asks for your User Id or Password for any reason, never disclose your User Id or Password to him/her. 
You must be aware that now-a-days many fraud persons are there, who are asking for your Credit/Debit Card no., CVV, PIN, bank account details,etc. with an intention to cheat you. So, never share all these details with anyone. Also, we at MatrimonyChamber never ask any member about the above financial or banking details. 
Always inform your family about any prospective partner’s details. Never meet with your prospective partner alone or in a secluded place. We advise you to meet your prospective partner in presence of your family members and your partner’s family members. 
Do not take any final decision simply based on the profile uploaded by the partner in the website. Use your own judgement, your conscience and wit, before going ahead in finalizing any matrimonial alliance. Under no circumstances it will be the responsibility of us, i.e. MatrimonyChamber ( which is a division of Sitaram E-Commerce Centre, to verify the accuracy or authenticity of the data provided in the profile. Hence, all the members or users are advised to have a thorough confidential background check before committing to marriage or entering into any matrimonial alliance. 
We advise you to not to have any physical relationship with your prospective partner before marriage which will be very risky for you. So avoid it always. 
We hereby declare that we only provide online matrimonial service and nothing else. 
We at Sitaram E-Commerce Centre reserve sole right to make changes or alterations or modifications to the above Safety Advises as and when we feel it necessary to do so. We can make any kind of modifications, amendments, etc. at any time at our sole discretion without any prior notice to all concerned with this website usage. 
The above Safety Advises will come into effect from the date of launching or live of the website MatrimonyChamber ( i.e. from 2nd April,2018. 
You may contact us, if you have any questions or doubts regarding the above Safety Advises. Our contact No.: 7653092772 / 9348544047, Whatsapp No.: 7653092772 E-Mail: OR through Live Chat.